Computerised Grading and Markers

Using the Pad System, original patterns can be digitized into the computer. The Pad System guarantees precise and detailed pattern adjustments, grading and lay markers. Any number of further sizes can be added at any time. Computerised lay markers ensure maximum savings in fabric use and cutting time, which is so important in today’s competitive market.

The Pad System enables us to email patterns, grading nests, lay markers and specifications directly to your manufacturers, whether they are in New Zealand or overseas.

The staff at Thornton’s are all professionally trained and have, during their extensive careers, had ‘hands on’ experience in all aspects of the garment industry.

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Garment Specifications

Computerised garment specification sheets and clearly defined grading size specification charts minimize the risk of misunderstandings, especially with overseas production where communication needs to be followed up with good data.

A clear line of communication is essential to achieve an outstanding result.

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Pattern Making

A highly skilled team of pattern makers, with the knowledge and craftsmanship to deliver, are on hand to create your designs and patterns.  This can be accomplished by using blocks, samples, pictures or sketches.

Our pattern makers have expertise in a wide range of apparel covering children’s wear, men’s and women’s fashion, high performance sports clothing, street wear, under garments and accessories. Successful patternmaking is the result of close attention to detail, careful planning and a detailed knowledge of the garment industry, not only for the first sample but also more importantly for when the design goes into production.  We pride ourselves in our ability to work closely with our clients to achieve an outstanding result.

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Pattern Grading

Card patterns can be graded according to client specification using grade rules that best suit your target market.

Thornton’s have a strict policy of double-checking all grading before it leaves the design room.

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Our sample technicians have wide experience and knowledge of garment construction and the manufacturing industry.  They can accurately create prototype garments as a guide for quality production and for sales samples.  They work closely with the pattern makers to achieve the best results for production.

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