Guy and Liz Thornton have been providing technical support to the clothing industry for the past thirty-three years. Their many years of ‘hands on’ experience, combined with the latest computer technology make Thornton’s a respected choice for both established and emerging designers. While Guy oversees the computer grading and marker printing room, Liz liaises with clients and keeps the pattern making, sample cutting and sample making work flowing smoothly.

We are fortunate to be supported by skilled technicians who relish the opportunity to practise their craft at the highest level. We firmly believe that the best results come from a team approach and we encourage a collaborative working style.

At Thornton’s our aim is to provide a supportive and relaxed environment so that the designers can let their creativity flow. Working with emerging designers is always inspiring. Their enthusiasm is infectious and we all get such a thrill out of helping them put together their first ranges, sharing their dreams and helping them become a reality.

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